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What is Foley?

What is Foley?



Foley is the creative process of performing and replicating sounds in your film such as footsteps,

and prop handling as well as experimenting with various objects to create more abstract effects.

All of these sounds can be recorded on the Foley stage in SCA B106 during the post-production

process. Foley effects can be used in combination with existing production recordings or to

replace them.

The main goal during production is to capture the dialogue as clearly as possible so the intricate

details or footsteps and prop handling are not prioritized. This is why the other sounds that occur

in the film need to be added in post-production. With animation in particular all of the effects

are added in post-production. Foley can be used in combination with sounds from a sound

effects library to create the soundtrack of your film.

Foley Room

In the Foley room, there is a very large collection of props and different types of shoes you can

borrow. You can also bring your own props into the room. Similar to the ADR room, the Foley

facility at USC is divided into three rooms:

Foley Stage: this is where the Foley artist will perform. There is a TV in the room so they can

watch the scene back and match the visuals on screen. Timecode will be burned in the picture,

which makes it easier to identify the exact moment where the effect takes place. You should

come to your session with a list of all the effects you want to capture during your session.

Control Room: this room looks into the Foley stage and is where the engineer or qualified sound

technician (QST) operates the recording equipment. Here they play back the scene as many times

as needed and record.

Machine Room: this is where the computer and other hardware are stored.

Foley Rules

- You are only allowed to book 4 hours in a room each day

- You can make a reservation up to 10 days in advance

- No food or drinks are allowed in the room

- Do not unplug or remove anything from the room

- All props must be returned to their original place in the room

How to Book the Foley Room?

If you need to record Foley for your animation projects email the Animation Sound Support

Specialist, Amaya Cranston at acransto@usc.edu. In your email please include the date and

preferred time you would like to record. Additionally, please CC your animation professor when

making your request so we can verify your request is for an SCA approved project. Amaya will

then reply to confirm the day and time of your Foley session based on the Sound Department’s