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Production Numbers

Production numbers are an organizational tool within SCA to manage productions, classes, and students involved in productions. It is a unique number assigned to each student and/or partnership in a class.


With a production number, you may:

How to Make Your Production Number

1. Log into  SCACommunity:


2. Click the “My Account” button on the right side of your screen:
Like this:

3. On the left side of the screen, under the “Options”, click “Production Information”
Like this:

4. Click “Create New Production”

5. Fill in YOUR Course, Term, Position. Double check all the information.

And press “Submit”

The Course and Section Number, in this example, is CTAN 547: 17946
Make sure you select YOUR course, and YOUR section number, and NOT the example!

If you are the only crew member on your production number, go down to “Position” and select “Director.” If you need to add other crew members, you may do so and select their corresponding positions as well. 

Not sure of your course or section numbers? You can always look it up here: https://classes.usc.edu/

AFTER you CREATE your number.....How can you SEE it?

After you create your Production Number, there are four pre-requisites before it will be revealed to you:
Insurance Agreement, Production Quiz, Physical Production Forms, and Safety Seminar.

1. Insurance - reviewing/”completing” the insurance agreement

2. Quiz - passing the Production Quiz (can be taken again and again until you pass)

3. Physical Production Forms – complete in SCA Community

The Insurance Agreement, The Quiz and The Production Forms can be found here:

4. Safety Seminar - receiving participation credit for attending the in-person Safety Seminar or viewing the
recording available online. 

In-Person Safety Seminars are available at the beginning of each semester, and are highly encouraged.
If you were not able to attend an in-person seminar, please view the Spring 2024 online version here:


You must be logged in to Google with your USC account in order to view it.

After watching the seminar, please email Rachel Levine rlevine@cinema.usc.edu and she will get you credit.

Reminder: If you are working on a GROUP project, only ONE person needs to create the Production Number, and then add the co-director(s) under it.


If you have any questions, please email Rachel Levine: rlevine@cinema.usc.edu