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Production Numbers

How to Make Your Production Number

1. Log into  SCACommunity:


2. Click the “My Account” button on the right side of your screen:
Like this:

3. On the left side of the screen, under the “Options”, click “Production Information”
Like this:

4. Click “Create New Production”

5. Fill in YOUR Course, Term, Position. Double check all the information.

And press “Submit”

The Course and Section Number, in this example, is CTAN 547: 17946
Make sure you select YOUR course, and YOUR section number, and NOT the example!

Not sure of your course or section numbers? You can always look it up here: https://classes.usc.edu/

AFTER you CREATE your number.....How can you SEE it?

After you create your Production Number, there are four requirements before it will be revealed to you:
Insurance Agreement, Production Quiz, Physical Production Forms, and Safety Seminar.

1. Insurance - reviewing/”completing” the insurance agreement

2. Quiz - passing the Production Quiz (can be taken again and again until you pass)

3. Physical Production Forms – complete in SCA Community

The Insurance Agreement, The Quiz and The Production Forms can be found here:

4. Safety Seminar - receiving participation credit for attending the in-person Safety Seminar or viewing the
recording available online. (You only need to do this once in your 3-4 years here)

(you will need to log into google with your USC e-mail to watch it)– to pass this, watch the video, and then
e-mail Rachel Levine (rlevine@cinema.usc.edu) that you watched it, and we will grant you credit (it’s
around one hour). Or if you attended the in-person safety seminar at the beginning of any year, and didn't
get credit, let Rachel know.

Reminder: If you are working on a GROUP project, only ONE person needs to create the Production Number, and then add the co-director(s) under it.


If you have any questions, please email Rachel Levine: rlevine@cinema.usc.edu